Friday, September 2, 2011

Medical Illustration

In 2008, when I was in San Diego I had a chance to do a little medical illustrations for Opthalmology text book Eyebrows, Eyelids and Face: Structural and Function. Duane’s Foundations of Clinical Ophthalmology: Physiology section, Vol. 2. ".

Caricature;Ho-Am Prize

From 2007 to 2009, I had a chance to do caricature of Ho-Am prize winner for the cover of news letter.

Editorial;The most precious gift

In 2006, I was commissioned again from SamSung Insurance for testimonial essays. It was a collection of essays from essay contest and I did editorials for each 15 or so essays,cover art as well.

The first commissioned work;The Family

My first client was SamSung Insurance Company in Korea. The Insurance consultants in Korea usually presents house keeping book for the coming year to the customers at the end of the year, for 2006, Samsung made a house keeping book with art and essay. I was lucky enough to do art works for each 12months collaborating with my writer friend, it was life changing experience for me to think about my new career as an illustrator, also think about meaning of the family which was the main theme of the project.

More Korean Paintings

Here I 'd like to show more old Korean paintings I did, particularly inspired by fairy tales.